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The NEW Civic Centre & NEW Theatre Project

TWBC's Planning Application

10 January 2018

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council filed its Planning Application for the NEW Civic Development.
Comments can be submitted until 9 February 2018.
Determination of the decision (deadline) is 13 April 2018.
Civic Development Application 18/00076

The NEW Civic Centre & NEW Theatre Project

A further update - Presentation at RTW Town Forum

16 November 2017

At the Town Forum meeting on Thursday 16 November 2017, Paddy Dillon (the architects Allies and Morrison) together with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council - David Candlin, Head of Economic Development, and J J Almond, Theatre Director - presented an update regarding the NEW Offices and NEW Theatre.
The Civic Development Project - RIBA Stage 3
proposed at Calverley Ground (entrance from Mount Pleasant Road).
(132 pages power-point presentation)

Additional explanations concerning The Theatre - part of the Civic Development Project were presented by Hilary Keenlyside.

Final presentation was given by Lee Colyer, TWBC Director of Finance, Policy and Development (S.151 Officer) The Civic Development Project - Financials

Civic Complex Development

8 November 2017

A new theatre and office building:
The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Stage 3 reports have now been completed and will be the subject of a meeting of the Full Council of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on the evening of 6 December 2017.

More information including the report (243 pages) on the TWBC website:
Civic Complex Development

On Wednesday 6 December 2017, voting took place at the end of a five hour meeting:
30 in favour, 13 against, 3 abstain.
A planning application will be submitted to the Council in January 2018.

TW Alliance

18 October 2017

TW Alliance, "an active group of party-neutral residents who love Royal Tunbridge Wells but think it could be better", announce their website with information regarding the (proposed)

and additionally topics such as:

Former ABC Cinema Site

11 August 2017 and 24 October 2017

A new planning application has been made in respect of the former cinema site in the centre of the town. The deadline date for commenting on this major planning application has been EXTENDED until 31 August 2017. The reason is because two important documents - relating to the "Design and Access Statement" (in two parts, 126 pages) - were submitted at a later stage.

Cinema Site application 2017 - documents
("Planning Statement", "Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment","Heritage Statement", "Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment")

TWBC Special Planning Committee was held on Wednesday 24 October 2017 concerning the GROT SPOT No.1 "Former ABC Cinema Site Mount Pleasant Road Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent TN1 1PN"

The Officer's recommendation to GRANT Planning Consent (subject to conditions) was followed by the Councillors (11 present; 8 in favour, 3 against)
Planning Officer's (Lynda Middlemiss) Report to Councillors of the TWBC Planning Committee
including "Developers Contributions" (Section 106 monies - p.65)

The NEW Civic Centre & NEW Theatre Project

Presentation at RTW Town Forum

20 July 2017

At the Town Forum meeting on Thursday 20 July 2017, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council -
David Candlin, Head of Economic Development, and J J Almond, Theatre Director -
The Civic Development Project
proposed at Calverley Ground (entrance from Mount Pleasant Road).

(65 pages powerpoint presentation)

The Council's NEW website for NEW theatre & NEW civic centre

5 July 2017

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, as part of its draft Planning Framework, has set out its wider vision for the town centre, taking the decision to look at the whole rather than bringing forward piecemeal development.
Plans for Royal Tunbridge Wells (website:

Take a look!

The NEW Civic Centre & NEW Theatre Project

New images of Civic Development Project

4 July 2017

KentLive publishes revised architects' drawings / artist's impressions
The Civic Development Project
proposed at Calverley Ground (entrance from Mount Pleasant Road).
(previous article and drawings 25 January 2017)

Debate on Museum Funding
(BBC Radio 4, Thursday 27 April 2017 "FrontRow")

2 May 2017

This BBC R4 programme exposes the fragile nature of funding for arts projects.
What if the Culture and Learning Hub (Tunbridge Wells) is built and fails because of lack of public funding.

Funding for Arts Projects
A live programme from the Nereid Gallery in the British Museum, John Wilson is joined by Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum, Tristram Hunt, director of the V&A, Sarah Munro, director of Baltic, Stephen Deuchar, Director of the Art Fund.
After the announcement of the Art Fund Museum of the Year shortlist, the panel will debate the current and future role for museums and galleries in Britain, with particular attention to how they are funded, and how to make them relevant to the people of Britain today.

No plans to create merged West Kent council

21 March 2017

There are no plans to replicate the planned east Kent merged council in the west of the county.
No West Kent council with Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling, Sevenoaks

NEWS concerning PLANNING
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

9 August 2016

A Planning Briefing was held at the Town Hall on 13 July 2016 covering the following subject areas:

  • How the new in-house Technical Team operates.
    (This activity was formerly known as Planning Support - staff who handle the planning application process from an administrative aspect - before it became part of the Mid-Kent Improvement Partnership arrangements in 2013/14. It returned to being an in-house service from 4 July 2016.)
  • An update on
    - recent legislative changes affecting the Planning Service and
    - the implications of reduced grant funding on the delivery of the Planning Service.
  • An explanation of the key issues and the process of TWBC's review of its Local Plan.

Planning 1 - Planning 2 - Planning 3 - Planning 4

Royal Tunbridge Wells GROT SPOTS
to be revisited in 2013

15 March 2013

While we await the design, planning approval, funding and building of a number of major schemes for the own, the RTWCS is reviving the Bechsí initiative. We are asking you to nominate the grot spots in the town for a new list. They neednít be whole buildings or sites but could be as small as items that need cleaning, clearing away or repair.
If you would like to remind yourself of what was in the original list in 2005 they can be found at
Top 10 Grot Spots in 2005
The survey of street clutter grot spots also gives an idea of the kind of things worthy of listing
Highways Grot Spots in 2005

>>> Nominate Grot Spots in RTW

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