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   TWBC Overview & Scrutiny
   Corporate Services Select Committee
   Environment, Safer and Stronger Communities Select Committee
   Local Economy and Housing Select Committee

   TWBC Forward Plans
   published each month;
   brief descriptions of matters likely to be subject to Key Decisions

   TWBC Planning
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Audit Commission

Audit Commission
(existed between 1 April 1983 and 31 March 2015)
In 2004 the Audit Commission's Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) was vital in founding the RTW Town Forum.


  Parliament Bills


  TWBC Planning

  The Future of Design Codes - Dec 2005 - Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM)

  Town and Country Planning Act 1990

  The Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004

  English Historic Towns Forum (A forum "for the prosperity and conservation of historic towns")

  English Heritage

  HELM / Historic Environment - Local Management

   HELM (Historic Environment - Local Management) - "South East Streets" - September 2008
   HELM - South East Streets - part 1 - research db/09.2008"STREETS FOR ALL" - Principles of Good Practice - Ground Surfaces - part 1
   HELM - South East Streets - part 2 - research db/09.2008"STREETS FOR ALL" - Street Furniture - New Equipment - part 2
   HELM - South East Streets - part 3 - research db/09.2008"STREETS FOR ALL" - Traffic Management - Environmental Improvements - part 3

  Dept Transport - Manual for StreetsDepartment for Transport - "MANUAL FOR STREETS" - 29 March 2007

  CABE - BUILDING FOR LIFE - 7 Feb 2007CABE - "BUILDING FOR LIFE" - Delivering great places to live - 7 Feb 2007

  TWBC - PPG17 Sport, Recreation and Open Space Study - Dec 2006TWBC - PPG 17 Sport, Recreation and Open Space Study - Dec 2006

  Communities and Local Government - White Paper: Planning - Consultation Document - May-Aug 2007Communities and Local Government - White Paper - Planning (Consultation May-Aug 07)

  DCMS - White Paper: Heritage Protection - Consultation Document - April/May 2007DCMS - White Paper - Heritage Protection for the 21st Century (Consultation May 2007)

  English Heritage - Consultation Document - April/May 2007ENGLISH HERITAGE - Conservation Principles (Consultation April/May 2007)


  Public Transport - Forum - Meetings in Jan, May, Sept
  Representatives from bus, rail and taxi operators, the Access Group, user groups, Kent Police,
  Kent and East Sussex County Councils, the Youth Council, Parish/Town Councils and
  RTW Town Forum, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Community Plan Partners

  Tunbridge Wells Together - Local Strategic Partnership

   Imago - until 2015 Voluntary Action Within Kent (VAWK)

   Tunbridge Wells Community Safety Unit

  Vision for Kent 2006Vision for Kent 2006
  Kent County Council's Community Strategy - Vision for Kent - details how Kent Partners
  will improve the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of Kent over the next 20 years.

Community Involvement

  Kent High Weald Partnership

  Royal Tunbridge Wells in Bloom relaunch 2010

  Tunbridge Wells Events (twevents - dave barnett)

  Communities and Local Government
  White Paper - "Strong and Prosperous Communities" 26 October 2006

  Neighbourhood - 2005Your Neighbourhood: getting involved and having a say - 2005

  Why Neighbourhoods matter - 2005Citizens Engagement and Public Services: Why Neighbourhoods matter - Jan 2005

Licensing Act 2003 - Regulations

  Licenses and Permits, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Royal Tunbridge Wells Heritage

  "Historical and Interesting Views of Tunbridge Wells" CD-Rom
  - Commemorative Edition 2006 (400 years Tunbridge Wells)

  Tunbridge Wells Heritage Open Days

Encyclopedia / Directory

  Wikipedia - Royal Tunbridge Wells

  dmoz Open Directory - Tunbridge Wells (human-edited directory of the web)

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